Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yikes - it is going to be HOT

I imagine many of you are also looking forward to a severe heat wave this weekend.  Here in Atlanta we are projected to get to 104 F on Friday, 106 on Saturday - only 103 on Sunday what a relief LOL.   Not only is that hot but that is a lot of electricity going to battle it through air conditioning.  What do you do to stay cool when it gets really, really hot?

Update:  Well here it is Friday morning and the forecast is for 105 today and tomorrow and 104 on Sunday.  I'm not sure a degree here or there makes a difference when it is that hot!  


  1. In order to be kind to my air conditiner (and so that it does not run all day 24 hours) Ive turned the temp to above eighty. Not as terrible as it sounds, we live the house closed up and have ceiling fans in all rooms. I close the outer storm door because the dog door lets in heat. Other than that, I dont do much of anything-I move MUCH slower in the summer and we have two months of triple digit days. If I dont make it to the pool before nine, no expercise gets done. I hydrate alot, we do inside stuff and I try to make as many meals as non cooking as possible. Summer is actually the time of year we eat out and order in the most, so that someone else has to use the stove.

    Also, I shower in the evening, not in the morning, so that I feel fresher for bed.

    1. Wow, two months of triple digit heat would be way to much for me! We do keep the house closed up and run floor fans if we are going to be in that room for a while. I am thinking about what to make to eat that can be made in the morning so that the stove isn't running at all.

  2. It must be hot everywhere (except Seattle...I just read that somewhere by a commenter). We hit 100 today. We run the air but try to keep it set higher so it is not kicking on all the time. And we run a small fan at night in the bedroom. When it is this hot, going to the beach or pool, exercising, nothing sounds like fun. Give me a book in my cool house.

  3. I agree that nothing outdoors sounds like fun when it is that hot. We have a serious smog alert too so indoors at home or the movies or art museum it will be.


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