Monday, May 28, 2012

This week's mini-goals

Whew - The fundraising book sale is behind us and was a success on a hot day that reached into the 90s!  Our volunteers were amazing and made everything work perfectly.  The customers were pretty nice too.  And thank goodness for shade, water and light breezes.  We didn't make as much as last year, but we are still ahead of the same time last year when you add up all of the fundraising to date.

This week will I will really try to be diligent about walking the dog first thing in the morning.  Summer is here in Atlanta regardless of the date.

Update:  We just decided to give some money to a family member who is hurting so all unnecessary spending is off the list for now.

- Volunteer at Botanical Garden
- Sort more donated books; deal with books left from sale
- Research additional fundraising ideas
- Check out other library's book sales

- Daily physical therapy exercises - M,W, S
- Walk dog daily - M,T,W, S,S
- Orthodontist
- Pilates session

Home Chores:
- Yard work in front
- Clean paperwork off of desk (this is the third week this is on the list and still not done!)


- No dinners out - this is a better goal in place of "No eating out" (guess I'd really better menu plan!).  I'm not going to succeed at no eating out as I have bought coffee twice and am having lunch with a friend. 
- Buy plane tickets for next family visit - yeah, one was purchased with frequent flyer miles!
- Buy summer exercise clothes

- See "Men in Black" movie - this was pretty funny
- Go to art festival - what a lot of people but a beautiful breezy day
- Go to art opening - oops, that is next week!


  1. Thats a huge list!! You need a staff! Ha

    1. Wouldn't that be nice! I find I am getting more done if I write it down as goals though.

  2. Sounds like a great week! I love how you make weekly goals..I may follow suit! :)

    1. Thanks Carla - this is only the third week but it is helping me get more done and do things I don't really like to do!

  3. Loving your list, but it's sooo long, I would need a fortnight to get through that lot....

    1. Well, I don't work full time and my children are grown so that leaves lots of time available which I am trying to use more effectively!


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