Friday, April 13, 2012

Yeah - a big step forward on our yard!

I am thrilled this morning that we finally had a landscaper we have used before come over to give us a bid on three things that are on my 2012 house to do list and more!

We are getting prices for:
- clearing out undergrowth in the wooded area
- removing two overgrown hollies that make pulling out of the driveway a chancy experience for anyone on the sidewalk and planting something in their place that will stay short without much care
- pruning back into shape three other hollies and a hedge
- using our pile of old bricks plus some they have and would like to get rid of to pave a parking strip where only weeds will grow now
- spraying everything appropriate with a once a year insecticide / miticide
- and best of all, a quote on quarterly maintenance to help reduce my workload!!!!!

This would all be money terribly well spent.  I will be much happier about the yard if all of this happens.

Now off to ask my neighbor if he wants his wooded area included in the bid.


  1. I am wishing you good luck with this. Wonderful.


  2. Yard wook is HARD work in the southern heat!!! Good luck with the new company

    1. You've got that right Debby! And we have a lot of yard work to do.

  3. Oh I do need to get onto this - well done for getting stuck on x


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