Monday, March 5, 2012

Love this post and plans for the day

Rebekah's (aka Cupcake Caramel) French Friday 49 post is so charming that I want to send all of you over to read it!  I especially love her description of seasons in Texas and am borrowing and modifying it to describe Atlanta weather.

- Chilly and sunny or very rainy (winter) 
- Quite warm and muggy (spring)
- Damn hot and muggy (summer)
- Too damn hot but at least the leaves turn pretty colors (fall)

Which leads me to admire her wardrobe and closet.  I just can't seem to get my clothes down to the ones I really like (but I spent good money on that she says to herself while putting it back in the closet!). 

We are going on vacation soon and I am concerned already that the pants I donated should have been kept.  What if I need something lighter weight than jeans and warmer than capris?  What if - well you get the idea.  I shopped yesterday for a pair of lighter weight casual pants and a pair of lightweight dress slacks, but nothing fit right except tops which I don't need more of anyway (still bought one LOL - whether to keep or not is still up in the air) so it is back to the stores today.  And then there is the shoe problem.  I don't have enough that fit well so after the PT works her magic on my hip and also evaluates my shoes today it is off to the shoe store too. 

Other plans for the day - walk and play with the dog, try a new recipe for dinner, some housecleaning, some volunteer work, some calls to friends and family, and make menus for week.

So what are your plans for the day?

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  1. I am trying to do lots of catching up on things I couldn't finish over the weekend, never a dull moment for sure!!


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