Monday, February 27, 2012

Meal Planning - giving it another try

I've decided I need to get back on track with at least planning some main dishes for dinners for the week so here's what we are going to eat while trying to use up some stray ingredients (saffron & sun dried tomatoes - but not together!).  I'm focusing on trying to incorporate ideas from the Volumetrics Diet approach which emphasizes increasing the volume of low calorie foods in each meal.  Essentially, adding lots of soups, fruits and vegetables that are low calorie.
So here's this weeks dinner menus:

  • Monday (meeting night) - Lentil soup (leftover) with cornbread and spinach goat cheese salad
  • Tuesday (meeting night) - Turkey meatloaf (leftover) with roasted butternut squash and fruit salad
  • Wednesday - Chickpea, vegetable and peanut curry with brown rice and fruit
  • Thursday - Salmon steaks with kasha & veggie pilaf and broccoli
  • Friday -  Omelet with veggies, pumpkin bread and green salad
  • Saturday - Zesty grilled garlic-herb chicken breasts (saffron) with kasha & veggie pilaf and mixed veggies
  • Sunday - Halibut with tomato, sun dried tomato & Parmesan sauce with whole wheat pasta, carrots and fruit


  1. I will be over on Wednesday! It all sounds great. I am making an Italian lentil soup today. It is the end of the month and I am scraping the bottom of the pantry. Can't wait until Thursday. BTW--did you know there are is a cookbook out there (I saw it on Amazon) that helps you do a whole month of planning, plus provide the grocery lists? It appealed to me because of getting paid just once a month. ~~Bliss

    1. Wish you could come over on Wednesday - that would be great fun! We have such dietary limitations (very low sodium, no dairy)that I have trouble with traditional cookbooks. I'll look into that one though.

    2. I need to step up my menu planning as well... It saves me $$ and makes my life much easier but I never stick with it! Ugh!

    3. Carla, I can relate. This is much more specific than I usually do but I am trying to further change our eating patterns so am giving it a try again. We'll see. I don't feel locked in to the plan though.

  2. Brilliant list! Just reading them makes me think of having scrumptious veggies for tonight and some savory meat. :)
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