Monday, January 9, 2012

Planned buying

One of the things I am focusing on is planning my purchases ahead of time as much as possible.  Right now I have a planned buying list for my own clothing and possible replacement/repair related items for the house.  I am not rushing out to buy any of these things.  I want to contemplate these lists to see if I really want them or if the idea of them is what is appealing.  After all, what is the point of decluttering only to add more to the collection!

My most recent clothing purchases have been made with a plan and I am happy with the colors and fit.  My most recent purchase other than my custom made replacement belt (pictures coming soon) was a new winter coat which is getting little wear due to the uncommonly warm winter weather so far.  And I am determined to make sure that most of my wardrobe serves the longest season we have here in Atlanta which is hot weather.  I don't gravitate towards those type of clothes but that is what I need to have.  This year I will shop for them from a list that details items, quantities and colors.  I don't enjoy shopping and don't go thrifting but I do like to put on clothes that I think flatter me.

Other items are easier.  We intend to replace some lampshades after an unsuccessful search for new lamps so those are now on the list.  I'm going to see if I can repair the small holes that are appearing in our old down comforter before we shop for one of those.

My practicality is not always in action as I do keep a Wish List on Amazon so that I can give my family ideas for gifts that would be a treat.


  1. Planned buying is so important...and something I am still trying to implement in all areas. I am pretty much there with my clothes but I want it to reach other areas of spending too--even groceries (maybe the most important area).

    I am searching for a pair of lampshades too!

  2. A planned buying list is a great idea, that way you can watch for sales as well! I have a small list of "wants", but try to wait & find them on sale, used, see if family & friends have any, etc...

  3. Bliss - I also am trying to move beyond clothes (and also just staying out of stores)
    Carla - we also look for sales and borrow if it is going to be a one use item

  4. Great idea, I plan for most of our spending except.....fabric, I need to get a much better handle on that this year!!! Good look with your goals!!! You have me thinking I need to come up with a spending plan for my sewing projects...humm

  5. Debby - Good luck with a spending plan for your sewing projects! What to you make most?


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