Monday, December 19, 2011

Boost Your Energy Challenge - Week 3 update

I am continuing to do well in the same areas and still not doing my stretching!  Lack of commitment perhaps to this step as I certainly know it is good for me.  Must put it on my schedule!!!!!  Or accept that it is not a priority?????

The "squeaky wheel" fixed this week was getting new walking shoes.  I am loving the cushioning especially under the balls of my feet.  Hopefully I can walk further now without as much knee and hip pain.


  1. I need to join you in this challenge. My get up and go has gone up and went. I spend entirely too much time doing blog related things - it is my #1 favorite hobby.

    Even when I am being active and getting lots of exercise, I don't stretch. I get too impatient with stretching, yet I know it's so very good for our bodies.

    I read in a previous post that you have braces. I had them in my early 40's. And it was a bear! I was constantly battling to keep them clean. I feel for you!

    I could use some new shoes, too. Mine are so old it's almost embarrassing!


  2. Adrienne, Thanks for sharing - sounds like we have a lot in common!


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