Thursday, December 8, 2011

Boost Your Energy Challenge Update - Week 1

Thanks to Baby Boomers U. S. for including my post on the Boost Your Energy Challenge in this week's Baby Boomers Carnival.  Check out the other interesting links in this week's carnival.

Here's my results for week one:

1. Stretch every morning. FAIL -  I did do more than before though

2. Have at least 20 minutes of cardio exercise 4 times a week!  FAIL - clearly I have to include long walks with the dog or this won't happen at all

3. Drink more water. YES

4. Keep my blood sugar balanced by having the right type of snacks.  MIXED - I was good at this when at home but it became difficult while putting in 12 hour days in business meetings out of town.

5. Deal head-on with the afternoon slump. YES

6. Go outside - dog included is OK. YES

BONUS:  Fix any "squeaky wheel" that is draining energy. YES - hired a professional to handle our property appraisal appeal

Did anyone else start their own energy boosting challenge?

Edited to add:  Given how tired I am today after a 3 day business trip of long hours, I really need this to work!

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