Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just in time for the holidays: To buy or not to buy?

Oh all the ads we will see!  Oh all the "bargains" that will attract our attention!  Oh all the urgent needs we will suddenly have for things!  It is holiday consumerism time once again.  Just in time I offer this link.  What do you do to curb your holiday shopping?

Frugal and Thriving  offers some great advice on curbing the shopping impulse. So here are three speed bumps from that post that can be used to prevent impulse buys and stop the clutter before it enters our house:
  1. Never purchase something without going away and thinking about it for at least one day. You will almost always change your mind, realize you don’t need it, find it cheaper somewhere else, borrow it from the library or find a substitute.
  2. Ask yourself: “What will my life be like if I don’t purchase this?” This is a powerful question to ask yourself because 99% of the time you will realize that life won’t be better if you make that purchase.
  3. Ask also: “What is the opportunity cost of this purchase?” What will you miss out on if you do buy that thing you have your eye on. This comes back to knowing what your savings goals are, both long term and short term. 


  1. My goal for Christmas is to finish before Thanksgiving. I don't want to go into any stores (other than groceries) for the whole month of December. I am weak. I will continue to's enticing for sure. I've decided that I will keep busy at home...baking and relaxing, cleaning and de-cluttering...It will be better for me and my wallet!

  2. Sounds like a good plan Sharon! We are doing most shopping via the internet to reduce shopping overload primarily.


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