Monday, October 3, 2011

Yard sales and clutter as art?

Today I went to see an exhibit of photos called "Faces of the Yards of Clutter" - check out the artist's thoughts and art at Artist with small lamp or Yard Sale Addict.  Here's my favorite photo - don't you love the toy piano?

I found the photos interesting and enjoyed his comments.  Of course this particular exhibit was also timely as I renew my efforts to remove the final layers of clutter from my life.

The artist, Tom Zarrilli made this written statement about the exhibit I saw.  "Yard sales have long been an integral part of modern American culture.  On any given Saturday morning thousands of Americans fill their yards, garages, driveways and stoops with an unruly mass of unwanted clutter and accumulation to engage in a day of micro commerce.  Possessions previously only visible in the privacy of homes are now assembled and put on display for whoever may wander be, be it annoying early birds, eager resellers, nosy neighbors or struggling emigres seeking to furnish their homes.  The photographs I present here document local Atlanta sellers amid this clutter with some of the objects they no longer want or need in their lives."

I don't go to or hold yard sales anymore.  We donate or recycle what we no longer need.  Years ago I did help my older son furnish his first apartment by buying from yard sales and both my sons loved selling their outgrown toys at yard sales we had in the past. 

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