Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Update & Favorites

Decluttering has been going along well despite my feeling that our home is not cluttered.  A total of 34 items left this past week including several from the yard, basement and sheds.  Yeah!

The biggest surprise in decluttering so far is that my husband is saying yes to things going out the door that he had held on to for a long time.  The biggest challenge was finding the site for the hazardous waste collection event.

I really enjoyed reading the following this past week.  Hope you enjoy them too.

Angela Barton wrote about Our Mini-Kitchen Remodel and from the pictures I think it would be impossible not to smile every time you walked into her kitchen.  Could be I'll have to knock on her door next time I am in Los Angeles.

The Sad Story of Justin Case by Courtney Carver cracked me up and made me reconsider whether or not  all of our Justin Cases were really my husband's fault.  So I went looking for something that I had kept just in case and found - floppy disks!  I know, I know - who uses those anymore.  They will be recycled appropriately.

Fiona at How to be Chic finished her Chic September daily posts and as always I wish I lived close to her and could get to know her in person.  Well if I ever make it to New Zealand for an extended time .....

If you are looking for an inspirational necklace for yourself or as a gift while helping fund a scholarship for deserving student, head over to the Shine Project where Ashley sells the most charming ones.  I ordered one for myself to wear as a casual everyday necklace.

And check out this smart blog by a 22 year old with lots of sense - Making Sense of Cents

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  1. Wow 34 items! I need to get the BF on board with decluttering our yard and basement also.

    And thanks for the mention!


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