Thursday, October 13, 2011

If I'm working all day am I retired?

Most of the year I feel like I have retired.  Sure I have the occasional coaching call to make but mostly my schedule belongs to me.  Then there is this time of year and springtime.  Right now I am in the midst of three consulting projects and participating in some related training.  So yesterday I was basically on the phone from 9:30am to 4pm.  Felt like a work day to me!  Not that I am complaining - two of the projects are new and I am delighted to have increased our income some.

Off to my weekly volunteer gig at the library helping to process donated books for sale at the next Friends of the Library book sale.  I enjoy working with my older co-volunteer who has had such an interesting life and continues to explore the world.  She just signed up for a trip to Cuba through Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel).  And all the bending and lifting is good exercise.  I often find books to bring home and read and return (no clutter increase, no cost, and no waiting to move up the library hold list).  The real benefit though is that this year we made over $16,000 for the library.  A drop in the bucket to be sure but every bit helps.

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