Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy dance amongst the kudzu!

Our yard includes a very small section of the woods that runs between the houses on our street and property owned by a university.  There is a lot of kudzu thriving in these woods.  For those who don't have the joy of living in kudzu areas, it spreads above ground by growing and by seed and below ground by suckers.  Impossible to get rid of if the adjoining landowners don't control theirs as well.

Such a happy day when the university announced that they want to eradicate the kudzu on their property and realize they have to get rid of ours too!  So they are hiring people to come in and spray it within the next few weeks and again in the spring at least.  My research says it takes 10 years of spraying to get rid of established kudzu but I'm still doing a happy dance!

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