Monday, December 11, 2023

Frugal 5

1. Hubby installed sound barrier insulation near the furnace in the crawl space to help with noise when the furnace runs and we are sleeping. He also figured out how to adjust dampers in the ducts to get better heat distribution. This is our first winter in this house so being able to do this work really is appreciated.

2. I made a dog pull toy out of a free baby receiving blanket. Pup is happy 🐶 as his previous one was pretty shredded and the rest of the blanket became rags.

3. Incorporated quite a few small bits of food into meals rather than letting them sit in the freezer or frig. We are usually better about this but they were adding up.

4. Borrowed a yoga block until I was sure the exercise requiring one was going to help my back. Then I bought the cheapest one I could find.

5. I really want a new bathrobe but my current one still keeps me warm so I am resisting!


  1. One of my goals for the coming year is to never let left over foods go to waste.

  2. I have made cat toys for Kris's cat Eiko. Reiminds me I should make Eiko a couple more for Christmas.

    God bless.


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