Saturday, July 22, 2023

Week 29 - Tiny Wins plus happy time

We started the week be going to our son’s for an afternoon of fun with the grand-girls and DIL and a delicious BBQ dinner. We ended the week going out to dinner with our son and grand-baby at Port San Pablo. The restaurant was The Dancing Goat with excellent unique pizzas, fish and chips and so on which we ate sitting outside listening to accordion music (Zydeco perhaps) and looking at the boats and houseboats on a beautiful summer day. The baby enjoyed the music. The grand-girl and DIL were at a camp out at Fairyland in Oakland.

I received 3 pairs of slacks that fill a wardrobe gap, fit well, and I like - all through Buy Nothing.

My new pillows are meaning a better night’s sleep leading to better days.

The termite damage repair work starts Monday so progress. We also had a plumber out to discuss work needed and have decided to have the smaller stuff done now while we research a couple of more expensive things more thoroughly. We are going to speak to a second plumber though as I didn’t like the way this one patronized me and was quick to jump to expensive projects. Still trying to get the electrician to come finish the last two things. 

I am focusing right now on small tasks that matter only or mostly to me and make me happier while we wait on worker’s schedules to fit us in.

- Altered a top to fit better so maybe I’ll wear it. Also decided not to shorten another one as either I’ll wear it as is or pass it on.

- Hubby exchanged the fan we had bought for a quieter one that was also less expensive . Now I have a one for the bedroom or little studio while our other one is upstairs.

- Changed the 🐶’s bedtime routine so he doesn’t wake me up by changing sleeping locations. He does like his routines but they can be changed given a few days of consistency on our part.


  1. Seems as if you are settling in nicely. Quite agree to get the little things done while waiting on others.

    God bless.

  2. How are your temperatures down there? I guess the coast is the place to be right now with the heat. Your Buy nothing group sounds wonderful. The one here is really hit or miss. There seems to be the same people over and over wanting the items listed and if anything nice or good comes up people are all over it. i've kind of dropped it for now. BTW, out of interest with the termite stuff, didnt the owners pay for all that with an inspection??? We havent bought a house ever except this one and that was 28 yrs now and it was listed 'as is" whatever that meant.

    1. In most real estate transactions the seller does pay for the termite work and we did for the house we sold. The East Bay has its own unique practices including no contingencies except mortgage, seller providing the inspection & termite reports but not required to fix anything, and list prices way below the market/selling price. It took us so long to move up here because we just couldn't swallow all that the first time we looked. You just have to make peace with it and we did.


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