Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Wednesday’s we got it done list

 Still lots to do but we have checked these things off the to do list:

- Found a vet and scheduled pup’s soon needed vaccinations. Identified vet urgent care and emergency facilities nearby. Now to find the same for us lol.

- Dressers purchased and put together. Helped our storage needs a lot but still more solutions need to be figured out.

- Lowest cost nearby gas station found plus best lower cost grocery stores.

- Hired company to deal with branches touching roof/structure to meet insurance inspector requirements. Hired handyman to put chimney cap back in place. Not sure if it was high winds or an animal that took it off but it is on the roof not the chimney.

- emailed 3 electricians including referral by neighbor, one from son and one from realtor. Hopefully one will respond although everyone seems really booked up.

- Hubby went to the DMV office and got our car tags although now if the main office processes our mailed renewal we will have paid twice

- Got a library card!

- Got a folding drying rack and an East Bay plant guide from Buy Nothing group.

- Got maps for nearby hillside natural area trails and UC Berkeley botanical garden. Hubby walked a short way on one trail. 🐶 gets to go soon.

- Gave away all moving supplies that were ready to go plus some items found in the house that we don’t want. Recycled other things or took to household hazardous waste site. Keeping up as we have things to get out of the house and I am rather desperate to organize storage for the garage so it becomes a more useable laundry and workshop space. Feeling frustrated about storage space right now.


  1. At the rate you're going you'll have everything done soon so you can really enjoy summer in your new area and home.

    1. We have been here 3 weeks and it is time to build in more fun things for sure!

  2. I appreciate how fast you got that library card!! And found a local vet. You are making great strides.

    1. Library card is always top of the list! I do need to find the same options for medical care for us that I found for the pup - primary care doc, urgent care and emergency care. And he has a haircut appointment and I don't LOL.

  3. You will have everything up and running the way you like very soon. I know you will figure out the storage situation very soon.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I just want it done yesterday and do wonder why you would remodel a house but have no linen storage, no pantry cabinet, etc.


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