Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Week 15: Fixing, Buying, Grocery Outlet and Buy Nothing Group successes

As usual, at least with our moves, there are surprises that require acquisitions or fixes plus desired items related to the new location and lifestyle. Two weeks in our new home and this is how that has played out for us.


The water heater pilot light was out (discovered when trying to take first shower) but good old Google came through with clear instructions and it working now. That led to discovering that we had to keep it set to very hot to have hot water in the shower so adjusting the shower faucet temperature mixer is now on the plumber list so we can turn the water heater temp down.

Lots of cold air was coming in under the kitchen sink but Hubby purchased an outlet cover and gasket plus some safe insulating material and very little air comes in now.

The kitchen fan vent was not connected to the outside so Hubby fixed it. He also fixed the sink stopper in the upstairs bathroom.

The frig and freezer were not cold enough on the recommended settings so I bought an inexpensive friend/freezer thermometer and finally got the settings food safe.


In addition to the small items to fix things we ordered more costly items to address the lack of storage - A dresser for each of us, floor shoe rack for me, wall mounted coat hooks for entryway, a standing towel rack with a clean towel storage rack on the bottom. 

The microwave that came with the house was not well suited for us so a new one was purchased along with other things like a doormat, drawer knob lost in the move and hamper. We did return an expensive faucet that we had brought with us thinking we would replace the kitchen faucet.

Grocery Outlet: After discovering that Safeway here is way more e pensive than Vons was (and “soulless” as my son said) we went to grocery outlet and found that over a year it would save us so much. We still need to check out Lucky for the things that Trader Joe’s and Grocery Outlet can’t provide. Moving requires changing your shopping.

Buy Nothing Want Fulfillment: There is a very active Buy Nothing group here that I have joined and it is lovely.

So far it has provided a very long coloring poster and some felt animals to make that I hope my older granddaughter will enjoy doing.

We also discovered there is a very thorough recycling center system in the city and county that also has a sharing space for books and items in good condition,

Buy Nothing Gifting: Gifting the stuff you no longer want is a big part of these groups. You can ask for things you are in search of and the most touching one I’ve seen so far was for gestational diabetes insulin for a woman whose prescription didn’t arrive in the mail before she ran out. She got some!

So far I’ve given away moving supplies: boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper and a step stool that came with the house. We found some things in the house that will be offered: partial bottle of bleach, wet swifter and a few pads, plunger, strange brush with telescoping handle. It looks like we will have 2 small table lamps we can’t use so those will also be offered and the microwave that came with the house will also be listed.


  1. Could that brush with the telescoping handle be for a ceiling fan or the upper edge of kitchen cabinets?

    Those 'buy nothing' groups are pretty active around here too. I've never done it but I see their ads.

    1. Turns out is for getting cobwebs in high places and I should have kept it for the garage. Oh well, it made someone happy to get it and it is pretty inexpensive to replace if we do.

  2. I keep looking for a Buy Nothing group here, and I think I might just have to start one myself.

    Seems like you are settling in very well.

    God bless.

    1. I thought about doing that where I lived before but it seemed like a lot to take on. Good luck if you do it!

  3. I love my buy nothing group times 100. Good to see you settling in after move number two.

  4. We have a very active Buy Nothing group at our home in Washington State. This year, I started a group in the Tucson retirement community where we live in the winter. It took a couple of hours to familiarize myself with the administrative part. After three months we are a group of 320 people. It takes me about ten minutes a week to be the admin.

    1. I didn't realize it would take that little time!

  5. I need to see if we have Buy Nothing here. Have never heard of it before but how wonderful to be able to help your neighbor. We don't have Trader Joe's at all in El Paso, and the one Whole Food's I know of is miles away. Wish we would get a Trader Joe's. We don't have Safeway, Kroger, HEB or any of the other big grocery chains. You'd think we were a third world country.


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