Sunday, March 19, 2023

Week 11: A bit of a breather + tracking the true cost of moving

Two weeks to go before we move!  Just a little packing this week plus bringing the saved specialty boxes out of the attic. Found boxes for packing all of our art pieces, tv, computer stuff, and Hubby’s drum set. 

I started notifying friends, family, the DMV, financial orgs, post office, etc. of our new address, etc. Lots of catching up on non-house things like dog grooming and car smog certificate, scheduling move related things, planning how to use our furnishings in the new house, and so on. We also had to leave on Saturday afternoon for the buyer’s inspection to get done. Everything that gets checked off is something we are done with!

I'm tracking what this move is costing beyond the purchase price of our new home. As I mentioned last week, there were some surprise repair expenses already and then there is what we know about - sewer lateral upgrade (required by water district & scheduled for after we move in), electrical work, plumbing work, earthquake retrofit, water drainage improvement, more insulation, etc. 

At least once all those are done we should be done for quite a few years on the house systems and infrastructure upgrades/repairs. Then there is everything that falls into the category of wants (furniture, landscaping and such). As expected we are finding it challenging to throw out things given our small trash can and to dispose of usable furniture we are not taking. We are working on both in hopes of not having to pay for hauling. 

I am very grateful that there has so far that the place we are selling only requires some wood replacement due to termite damage/dry rot, a bit of foundation repair and getting the ice maker working again. I'm suspect the buyers will have something they want fixed or a credit for fixing themselves. Their inspection was yesterday so we will know soon. All the little costs add up to like have to pay to notarize some escrow documents.

There is also small extra bits of money coming in. Medicare refunded Hubby's overpayment from last Fall due to the overlap of his quarterly Medicare payments prior to taking Social Security and when it started being deducted from his SS. We also got a very small refund on an umbrella insurance policy when we had to switch to a different one to cover the new house and our state tax refund. There is a small check sitting at the new house for escrow overpayment.

Once the house sale is finalized we will get homeowner's and earthquake insurance refunds too. However our car insurance will probably go up. So much more $$$ going out than is being refunded but we knew that when we started this journey!


  1. It's an exciting part of the move you're in right now. I'm so happy for you. One thing I found useful when I moved is making a small batch of business cards (50) with all my new information on them. I still carry a few and when people ask for that information when shopping, etc., I just show a card for them to copy off. And I gave my friends all cards as I saw them before the move.

  2. Moving is sure a lot of work and you are making progress.

  3. Whew. Just exhausting to me. You are a better woman than I am!! I cannot even think about moving. I know the day will come but it will likely be the death of me.

    Glad your current home has a buyer and requires little work before you turn it over to them. Hope the updating you need to do on the new house will be surprisingly easy and affordable. When I have furniture that I want to get rid of, I set a piece on the curb and someone takes it!! You probably can't do that in your neighborhood but it sure makes it easy here.

    1. I read your comment upon getting up from a nap lol! It is exhausting. We did the curb decluttering in Atlanta quite successfully but not allowed here.

  4. Still so very exciting, getting to move closer to the grandchildren.

    God bless.

    1. So true! I had an "I love you Nana" text from the older granddaughter yesterday and can't wait to get hugs more often


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