Thursday, March 16, 2023

Summoning energy for the final push

We both are tired but keep checking things off our list for repairs on both houses, utility & computer  transitions, moving planning & packing, address changes, starting daily training with the 13 month old pup to help him have more self control (he's very sweet and friendly but high energy and can be demanding of attention) - the list goes on while daily life also goes on.

One thing that has surprised me is how far in advance the post office needs your address change - 2 weeks at least! The IRS and state tax board say it takes up to a month to change your address. Then there are all the ones you need to do at the last minute online. 

One nice thing so far about having the house near our son is that they were able to anticipate using it the night their power went out and they were concerned about keeping the newborn warm enough. In the end their power came back on before they went over for the night but this kind of mutual help is part of why we are moving. The rest is the joy of having lots of family time. 

The hard work phase of this move will be over with soon then comes the settling in, finding healthcare, activities and friends and so on.


  1. Things are moving so fast. You seem to have a great handle on all that needs to be done.

    God bless.

  2. That was a timely reminder - the power outage - of how wonderful it will be to be close to the family. Hope the pup takes to his daily training well. I never had much luck training my animals to do anything I wanted them to!! How does he do with children?

    Hope the post office gets your change of address in place. We had such a time getting it done for my mom the last couple of times we moved her. Didn't realize for months that she wasn't getting some of the things/mail she should have been.

    Here's a big hug for this final push. Stay well!! Safe travels to your new HOME!!

    1. The pup loves, loves, loves all people and gets very excited about being with them. He just doesn't realize yet that jumping on people is not good. We are working on it. Our 6 year old granddaughter will join in the training but he is too energetic right now to be around the newborn.


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