Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Misty mountains, hummingbirds and coyotes

The pup has me taking a long walk as soon as it is light outside which is about 6:30 these days. Surprisingly, other walkers are out even in a 55+ community which pleases my people and dog loving puppy.

Unfortunately coyotes are also out and one trotted right in front of us the other morning which got my heartrate up quite a bit. What did the pup do? Exactly what I was afraid he would do. He tried to run after it to see if it would play. They do look like stray dogs at first glance. 

The great parts of these early walks though is that for days the mountains have been partially shrouded in clouds making for a misty landscape as the day gets lighter. Very pretty.

In addition, it is so quiet out that you can hear the hummingbirds buzzing past or nearby.

And amongst all the trees and flowers we are walking by this type which is in full bloom right now. It is glorious and so cheerful.

Stock photo not tree we walk by

And then this morning  their was a toad sitting by the driveway. That was a first!


  1. I also love walking in the morning. So peaceful and those who are out are very friendly. Glad that the puppy didn't get the coyote to play.

    God bless.

  2. Early morning walks are a great start to the day. Glad you're feeling up to taking them, Juhli, and it sounds like your dog is fitting right into your lives. Beautiful tree--wonder what type it is?

    1. Coyotes and puppies eyeballing each other would get my heart racing. When Levi was a puppy it was the huge birds I had to be careful of, they'd been known to puck rabbits, kittens and small dogs up and into the sky. Hang on tight to your little guy!!!

    2. Pam, it is a Cassia leptophylla Standard or Gold Medallion Tree according to Google.


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