Sunday, April 17, 2022

Booster #2 Accomplished and recovered from

I was so hopeful that by switching to Pfizer for my second Covid booster shot I could miss out on side effects but that wasn’t to happen. Quite mild though with tiredness and sore arm the main reactions and just for a short time. I am quite grateful for the vaccine regardless! 

Btw, I also went with the Pfizer booster because there is some medical evidence that switching types is more effective in triggering protection. I don’t believe that is definitive although the pharmacist agreed it might be the case. Pfizer is also the version most readily available right now where I live and it was easy to get close by.

In recording this booster in my log of vaccines I noticed that it will be 10 years in October since I last got the tdap vaccine so I double checked if that was still the right timeframe and it is. Interestingly, the pharmacist brought up the exception that if I was going to be around a pregnant person or newborn a lot the timeframe was shorter.

 I didn’t know that but as far as I know there are no plans for further grandchildren so it will be flu shot in September and tdap in October. Then, other than annual flu shots and any further Covid boosters, I am good until 2027 when a pneumonia booster is called for.


  1. Always a good feeling to get those boosters and vaccines caught up to date, isn't it.

  2. I am waiting somewhat patiently for boosters to be offered for my age group.

    God bless.


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