Thursday, August 19, 2021

Thankful Thursday August 19

Simply a list as we head into the last half of August-

Being able to drive again even and if it is just short distances it feels like freedom

Granddaughter yelling NANA! when she hears I am on the phone quickly followed by “I want to FaceTime “

Same little granddaughter recovered from her mini-meltdown after the first day of big kids school (transitional kindergarten in CA) and bounced back for a good second day. Lots of changes at once so probably exhausted from powering through not knowing anyone, the rhythm or rules of the day, or even where to go for lunch and after school care. Second day had to be easier with lots of that clearer. Yeah for teachers and coping with change.

Friends who share their feelings and listen to mine

A nice view from my home office with the mountains one direction and a large bottle brush tree another way. 

Leggings for those days when you really want to stay in your PJs but it wouldn’t help you really!


  1. Everyone loves their leggings and I've yet to try them. They look hard to put on like old panty hose.

    Had to believe it's back to school time.

    1. I buy to looser fitting ones not the tight spandex ones. Check out And I size up as I wear them with a tshirt to lunge or do exercises at home.

  2. Great news on driving again. My SIS loves leggings but I am too fat for them. Plus, I kind of dislike things clinging on to me. I like sundresses and shorts at home in the summer and sweatpants in the winter.

  3. Love my leggings. Great to walk in, great to work out in the garden on cooler days.

    So glad you are able to drive again, even if it is just a short distance.

    God bless.

  4. Progress: driving, YES! Get ready...once in school, parents and grandparents are never seen as smart as they used to be...TEACHER is the new revered one. :)

    1. Good advice! She did actually tell us Sunday about her first week at her new school which was mostly playing, making new friends, lunch, and a bit of “seat work” as she called it. Sounded like she is happy with it.


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