Thursday, July 1, 2021

Thankful Thursday July 1st

There are small and not so small things to be thankful for each week.

1. A front basket on the knee scooter! Why would they rent one without it? Glad I bought one that included the basket.

2. I was able to wash my hair in the kitchen sink the day after surgery which was great because I wash my hair every day or every two days.

3.  Day 3 post surgery I was able to let the dog out first thing rather than waking Hubby. We bought a retractable leash  just for this purpose so I can stay inside and she can reach the grass. She figured out what to do right away being a smart little poodle.

4. I am very thankful for effective painkillers . Ironically as I write this there is a news headline that Johnson & Johnson is paying $230 million to New York State to settle the damage done by opioid addiction. Luckily I know I won’t get addicted despite my gratefulness for  Percocet. All I have to do is take off the anti-nausea patch and I won’t be able to keep one down. And they make me itch!

5. Phase two of recovery started Tuesday with a regular cast put on my foot and lower leg. Dr says it all looks good in the X-ray so only two weeks in the cast. After that a walking boot and crutches for phase 3 

6. Wednesday was able to fully switch to just Tylenol instead of the opioid plus Tylenol painkiller.


  1. I really like your list. There are so many things to be grateful for, but sometimes I forget to stop and think about them. Impressed by how much you're able to do already. Good for you! Take care

    1. Thanks. I’m trying to shut off the whiny part of my brain that is saying I’m bored, can’t this go faster, etc.!

  2. All good news! I used to do the same thing with my dog on rainy days.

  3. All great things to be thankful for.

    God bless.

  4. Great to see this update. And know you are in your boot now thanks to Facebook. So behind on blog reading.


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