Thursday, July 15, 2021

Thankful Thursday July 15, 2021

 There is always something to be thankful for -

Last Thursday evening we had a voicemail from the vet saying the dog’s latest test for kidney function was very good and the best since she started having problems. She sure seems bouncy for a dog who turned 12 today.

Friday I requested an outing so we drove to Mr. Softy for swirl soft serve eaten in the parked car and then .took the long way home. There were a lot of hawks out riding the thermals looking for dinner and lots of blooming shrubs and trees. Spirit lifting.

Saturday I heard from friends who are working on a convenient time to come visit me. Yeah!

Sunday read the second book in Paula Gosling’s Blackwater Bay mystery series and enjoyed it enough to buy book 3 on Kindle.

Monday Hubby put together the shower chair I bought as I am dreaming of taking a shower soon. 

Tuesday I was relieved of the cast and stitches in my foot.  Now I have a walking boot that is removable and lighter weight and I’m to slowly start putting weight on the recovering foot while using crutches.

Wednesday I worked a lot on my foot in terms of partial weight bearing walking with crutches, icing and getting my toe and ankle to start moving better. I am very thankful it is healing so well and quickly.


  1. You've got a great list today. Any one of your blessings would be enough to smile about.

  2. Congrats on the fast recovery Juhli! I hope you enjoyed your shower by now. Water makes everything better.

    1. Going to try to shower today and I know it will feel great.

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  4. I've never had a cast but I bet it felt great to have it removed. I admire your attention to well-being and it's nice to hear about someone who does the right things for recovery! - Dar @ anexactinglife


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