Sunday, June 6, 2021

The small moments of life & happiness

 Its Sunday and that turned into laundry and clear off the desk day. Necessary but not in the moment happiness inducers.

But then there were these things that were - 

I woke up to find the dog had migrated over to snuggle tightly against my shoulder

I thought of a resource that might help a cousin solve a problem that is creating difficulties for them

I dialed my DIL on Facetime and it turned out only she was at home so we had a nice long chat without our granddaughter taking priority

The wind is blowing as is often the case but with the door open it sounds great and it isn't blowing in so I can just listen to it ebb and flow like waves

When I was walking the dog I was able to chat with a neighbor who is in long haul chemo treatment but was having a good day

And it isn't even dinnertime!


  1. We don't always appreciate the little things, do we, and they add up to makes our lives happy and content.

    1. I agree and especially during this pandemic it has been vital to recognize them when they happen.

  2. I'm glad you shared this post, Juhli. As we're trying to get ourselves and our properties ready for moving, hubby and I get tired and often forget to take a look at the blessings in our lives. The other thing that always touches my heart is how when someone is genuinely positive, it inspires others. You just did that for me! Thank you!!

    1. You just really made me feel good too. Thanks.

  3. The little things count for so much and most of the time we breeze by them without even noticing. Thank you for the reminder.

    God bless.


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