Sunday, May 2, 2021

Kicking off 8 week surgery countdown

 I'm finding I don't remember the answers to lots of my questions and the ways I arranged things as I was healing from the previous bunion surgery lol. I have realized I need to get a lot done before June 25th comes around and we are discussing how to make the whole saga easier on Hubby this time.

I'm in the midst of week 1 of countdown and working on getting more exercise as one helpful thing. 

Checking off 2 doctor appointments: my regular skin check and a crown on a tooth that had an inlay after a root canal. Unfortunately the regular dentist is on maternity leave so I have fingers crossed the substitute is good! Didn't want to have a broken tooth while I am couch bound.

It is club board meeting week and I just sent out an impossibly long agenda. Being out of commission during summer planning and decision making will be interesting. We are also trying to revise/update our bylaws and find a new insurance provider for the club and clubhouse. 

Beyond that it is my plan to make sure I have one more room deeply cleaned and get our passport renewal photos taken. We also need to schedule the building inspection on our new attic insulation.

The rest is just the usual stuff! 

What is on your agenda for the week?


  1. We put all our usual cares aside ... and are traveling to SC.

    1. Enjoy. We did the same thing very recently but to Berkeley to see son and his family.

  2. The good old days of preparing for surgery. You make me remember when I did the same wind up for knee replacements. On my agenda this week is to deep purge my computer desk.

    1. Have you decided on a new computer desk?

  3. Have begun working my way slowly through the spring cleaning. Where I used to clean the whole house in a week, I only cleaned the master bathroom and bedroom in a week this year. But I did other things each day, too. Like reading, walking, shopping. Love how clean our room on to the next one. Hope you can get everything in order before your surgery. And hope it will be a fairly quick recovery.


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