Monday, May 3, 2021

Different dentist -different recommendations

 Well that was interesting. I went to the dentist today prepared for the first step in getting a crown. Asked some questions and he was clearly not sure doing that was the right idea. As we talked it turned out that two other teeth seem to be a much higher priority and the one I was told needed doing was low on the list and likely to create additional problems if we tried to do it. Walked out with nothing done for now and a list of priorities for when I am ready to proceed. Thankful.

Also thankful the dermatologist found nothing of concern. As a teenager I put on a bikini and suntan lotion and layer on the concrete deck of the public pool for hours. Many a sunburn but I guess most in my generation did the same. Sunscreen was not on anyone’s radar back then.


  1. I hate trips to the dermatologist. Like you, I spent a lot of time in the sun and got many burns. The doctor usually finds something.

    1. I was fortunate today with nothing to treat. Glad you get checked regularly.

  2. I guess the sun was not as harmful when we were young. Today, we could not get away with that. Glad there is nothing to be concerned about.

  3. I need to have a full body scan at the dermatologist, too. Had one a number of years ago but need to have them check a few places that have changed. We were the sun worshipping generation, weren't we? I had one sunburn so bad that I threw up and had chills and blisters.

    Your dental ventures remind me of mine. Had one dentist in November ready to extract at least 2 teeth that he deemed the source of my aching mouth and head. But when he found out I was having an MRI of my neck the next day, he told me to come back after that was complete. Never returned to him. Got a second opinion and don't require extractions at all. Hallelujah. The joys of aging. Hope your issues have easy fixes.


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