Thursday, March 18, 2021

Thankful Thursday #12

A short list today as much would be repeats.

1. We get our second Covid shot this afternoon so then two more weeks to go and then we should be as fully immunized as possible. Grateful for scientists, factory workers, truckers and health care providers who have made this possible.

2. I made ratatouille with roasted eggplant and it was delicious. The second time we had it we served it over polenta. The third time we had it along with tortellini and there is still enough left for a lunch. I need to think of making it more often.

3. Went to the post office for stamps and there was no wait!

4. Found a perfectly worded birthday card for one of Hubby’s 90+ year old aunts. Had a coupon for 25% off as a bonus thankful lol.

5. The response to my club’s project of collecting bras, undies and feminine hygiene products for a homeless women’s organization has been really generous. As a bonus I got to visit in person but physically distanced with at least 6 friends as they dropped things at the clubhouse.

I talk about my club often so if you want you can check out the clubhouse and our doings at or

Stay well and focus on the positive!


  1. Love what your club collected for homeless women. They don't get that kind of stuff from Goodwill or other charity groups.

  2. Glad that you got your second shot.

    I am loving what your club is collecting. Blessings to all of you.

    God bless.

  3. Yay for your 2nd shot!!! I got mine this morning and I could have cried for joy (and thanksgiving). Hoping we don't have reactions, but I figure even if there is some temporary discomfort, it will be worth it to be fully vaccinated. What a great cause for your club to embrace. I hope many lives are touched and improved.


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