Monday, March 1, 2021

Tech Month Monday #4 - Summary of progress and next month's focus

Whew, I am still organizing emails and photos but feel like I made a bunch of progress this month on updating and cleaning up my technology. I updated passwords, deleted lots of old document files and emails, organized what was left better, replaced an app that wasn't working, etc.

Made some decisions too.

1. I'm going to stick with Dropbox for backup for now and learn how to use it better/more fully.

2. I am going to do our taxes manually this year and mail them in but pay any taxes owed online.

3. I'm going to give my son back his old iPhone as it is too small for me and I don't really want to switch.

4.. I'm going to keep on top of deleting club emails once the relevant documents are saved.

5. I will remember to ask myself how I can use technology to do something! For example, I misplaced the address for mailing in an insurance privacy choices document and didn't want to sit on the phone trying to reach a human. Emailed our agent and he suggested scanning it and emailing it to him. Done.

Continuing to work on financial matters I finished reading our property and earthquake policies. We need to upgrade the property coverage so I have been emailing questions to our agent. I did see that our cost for that policy increased 47.6% but then the horrible past fire season impact has to be felt somehow. It is still quite affordable though.

Onward to March's focus which will be adding more things that bring me happiness to my activities, food, home, patio and wardrobe. I started with one more comfy pair of everyday shoes.

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  1. I like the idea of making our lives as comfortable as possible. Glad you found shoes that you like! That is very important, esp considering that you had surgery not that long ago. Looking forward to hearing more about your March focus.


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