Thursday, February 25, 2021

Thankful Thursday #8 - A miscellany

1. Very thankful that our only side effects from the first COVID-19 vaccine shot were a sore arm plus a low grade headache, slightly scratchy throat and mild body aches and chills. Nothing over the counter meds couldn’t address. We are aware that there could be stronger side effects after the second dose but small price right?

2. A neighbor asked if we would like some just picked navel oranges. Yes please.

3. I bought my Kindle so long ago that it doesn’t even show up in my Amazon order history which goes back ten years. Still going strong.

4. Our refrigerator was repaired Monday morning. Not going to miss the rattle lol.

5. Of the two tops and two pairs of jeans I ordered online I was able to keep both tops. Easy returns on the others.

6. Between Hubby and I we encouraged two neighbors to get signed up for their first vaccine shot and both got it earlier this week. Please get your friends and neighbors to persist and get signed up when they are eligible.

7. When we cleared out my Mom's house after she died in 2014 I brought this garden ornament home to Atlanta and then moved it to California. I like it as a fun colorful item and after all the years  in Mom's garden and then ours it rusted through so a wing was falling off. Hubby figured out how to wire it together to give it a longer life so I can still enjoy seeing it in our patio flower bed.


  1. Another great list. I finally bit the bullet and signed up to get the vaccine and now I'm waiting to get scheduled for an appointment. I'm rather scared of the side effects, having reacted badly to several medications in the past and watched my dog pass out in the vets office after getting a vaccine.

    1. Our dog has horrible reactions to the rabies vaccine and probably had her last one given her age. Most people are having just a sore arm or minor side effects like headaches, chills, muscle aches, etc. that can be treated with Tylenol. Good luck! The vaccine side effects are certainly less dangerous than the virus.

  2. Glad to hear your side effects were few following vaccine. I got along fine, but about 9 days following injection, I got a large pink rash at the site of shot. No pain or discomfort, tho. I looked it up online and it's not unusual. Yes, a very small price to pay for safety. I love that your hubby repaired the dragonfly ornament. A sweet reminder of your mom. Good memories are priceless! Have a good weekend, Juhli!

    1. Thank you Pam. I hadn’t heard of the rash side effect but isn’t it great that we can look things like that up so easily.

  3. Your dragonfly is even more special now that your husband has breathed new life into it.
    I have my second vaccine tomorrow. A little worried about the side affects but I am sure they will be nothing compared to the virus. Seven in my family have been inoculated so far.


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