Thursday, February 11, 2021

Thankful Thursday #6 -

Wow, I am realizing it has been almost a year since the first stay at home order here in California last March. So much has changed in everyone's lifestyle and behaviors. Yet our need for connection remains.

1. I was realizing after 2 recent Zoom meetings with some of my club members that I have gotten to know these wonderful women better as a result of our virtual meetings and everyone's need to stay on and chat afterwards. Our in person meetings were pleasant but all business. Sort of a silver lining?

2. Thankfully the second company we asked for a shower door bid sent someone who observed COVID precautions, took careful measurements and notes and followed up. They also repair screens and I had just noticed one had a hole in it - done! We approved the bid and paid our deposit. Onward to dealing with the wired noise the frig is making.

3. Do you get hooked on series by an author. I do and then Amazon gets my money as the library doesn’t have their books. Thankful I don’t have to ponder if I can afford this “hobby”.

4. A club board member had a great idea for a time limited service project to help homeless women. There is a lot of energy around making this happen in March. Yeah for a team with great ideas!

5. I was able to pick up all 3 of my prescriptions at once. They do offer delivery so I really should switch to that. Anyway I’m thankful I am good for 90 days now.

6. I have found an easy way to reduce pain in my leg where I caused a deep and large bruise back in November. Google says it might be a slow healing hematoma. As suggested used a heating pad for a few days and the pain is greatly reduced.

And last but certainly not least

7. Vaccines are now available here for 65 and over! We had a message to call our health group to make an appointment as they are now able to give them as well as the county sites. Our first shots are on February 18th!!!


  1. Next month we'll be at the year mark for the Covid-19 stay at home policies. I'm thankful I made it through. By the end of the summer hopefully enough people will have gotten the vaccine that we can all breathe easier and get back to near normal again.

  2. Our policies have been off and on. I have been following the policies we got in March, plus I was wearing a mask before being told to do so. Still waiting to hear when we will get our jabs.

    God bless.

  3. Hallelujah for the vaccines. And the library. I am using my library more and had made that a goal last year...and then you-know-what hit and the library closed. It has just now reopened for pick up and I am requested a number of children's books to share with my grands.


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