Tuesday, February 9, 2021

How do you deal with leftovers?

 We eat them. Sometimes just reheating them for lunch but often transforming them into a new dish. 

Tonight we started with leftover cooked chicken and two frozen scallops. That became linguini with zucchini, red and green pepper, and onions with scallops for me and chicken for Hubby. Topped with Parmesan and with a green salad on the side. This is just how we roll.


  1. It is pretty much how we roll here too. Costs are rising so it just makes sense to use up all that a person possibly can. Tonight I use up a meal I made from leftover turkey, and the gleanings from the fridge for a salad.

    Your meal sounds lovely.

    God bless.

  2. I'm pretty good at just cooking enough for one with no leftovers, but there are times I cook so I will have leftovers that I then freeze as individual meals that I can just pop in the microwave. I absolutely hate it when people throw out leftovers. I hate the waste when so many people in the world are going hungry.

  3. One of the reasons I rarely cook for. Just ine is I love leftovers. As they are even. Or in pasta or in a salad or omelet...

  4. A couple of other things we do with leftover meat is make quesadillas or stuffed baked potatoes. I don't mind leftovers, but I've finally learned to prepare less, initially. It took me a long while to stop preparing for a family.

  5. How delicious your remade dinner sounds. Scallops!! We have a left over day about once a week. I send some leftovers in PC's lunch but prefer to have them again for dinner. I freeze about half the chili and soup that I make so that we can have it again in a few weeks.

  6. I still cook large batch meals specifically to have leftovers. Once supper is over, the hubs goes in and makes individual meal portions for the freezer for him to take to work with him; then he does the dishes. :) He says he's retiring in the fall. Not sure how we will fare then; I'd say he will have to learn to cook, but that would mean I'd be the one cleaning up after. :(

    1. Changes after retirement for sure. We usually team up on dinner and clean up but sometimes one of us all the cooking. It’s been this way our whole marriage though as both of us worked long hours.


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