Thursday, January 14, 2021

6 days to inaurgaration & Thankful Thursday resumes

 He’s impeached and now the challenge is how to keep his Senate trial from derailing Biden’s nominee confirmations and needed passing of key legislation. What are the odds Trump could be barred from ever holding office again? First he would have to be convicted by the Senate. I can only hope.

I feel I need to keeping noting what I am thankful for each week just to keep my own mood lifted so here it goes again.

1. The people who are still volunteering during the pandemic. I dropped off some old paint and a fluorescent tube at the monthly hazardous waste collection site staffed by volunteers. It was the same at the animal shelter on Friday when we dropped off some food our dog won't eat. Another person mentioned a recent blood donation so thankful for those who are stepping up to still do that.

2. Antibiotics! It seems our dog may have had an undiagnosed UTI that was causing her decline (and very frequent peeing!). Since finishing a round of doggie antibiotics she is back to almost her normal self.

3. Once again the steam mop I purchased. Where has it been all of my life? Can't believe how much dirt continues to come off our tile floors even though we vacuum and mop regularly.

4. The glorious weather we have been having which is perfect for being outside. It is supposed to be in the low 80s today and tomorrow with plentiful sunshine.

5. My DIL has agreed to try to trim my way overgrown hair. Hubby was concerned about doing any of it. I had a pixie cut September 4th so maybe 1 1/2 to 2 inches of growth? Pretty shaggy especially at my neck where I can’t see to do anything about it.


  1. I think my hair is growing faster during this pandemic!! And falling out in a fury.

    Please could you message me or reply here with the name of your steam mop? My brother is looking for one and that prompted me to think we might need one, too.

    Glad the pup is on the mend. My mom has yet another UTI. So scary when they go for any time undiagnosed.

  2. I haven't had my normal pixie cut since February of last year. Haven't had this long of hair since my 20s.

  3. Glad your dog is on the mend! It's such a concern when pets aren't doing well. Hair. Oh my. My hair is nearly white and longer than it's been in 4 decades. I've gotten to the point I almost like it better than my old cut, because I can pull it back or put it up. I sure could use a trim, though! We still have much to be grateful for. I like thankful Thursdays!!


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