Friday, November 6, 2020

The short life of some things

 I have no clue if it a lack of manufacturing quality control vs good quality control but some household things seem to last a very long time and others break quickly.

After our long term simple toaster oven stopped working we broke out the fancy Emeril Lagasse air fryer-toaster-convection oven passed on to us by an elderly aunt who couldn’t figure out how to operate it. I admit it took us a while too as it seemed to be designed to do everything but dance on the kitchen counter.

So now that I finally used the air fryer function to make sweet potato fries, guess what part broke and can’t be repaired? The door hinge! A simple mechanical part. Apparently a not uncommon defect according to frustrated consumers venting on line. At least we hadn’t shelled out any money for this short lived small appliance. Now we just have to figure out how to dispose of it responsibly. Sigh.

At the moment Hubby is off to pick up the most basic Black & Decker toaster oven that was in stock nearby as we do like our morning toast. Hopefully better luck this time.


  1. Isn't it a bummer that so many things have to be trashed for a simple, little part.

  2. We have struggled to find good quality products, too. I joined Consumer Reports a few years ago, and, thus far, have been satisfied with their recommendations. After purchasing some expensive, fancy kitchen items, we went back to Black and Decker, too. Great prices and easily available. I hope you have good luck!

  3. Thanks. We bought the least complex and cheapest Black and Decker toaster oven that was in stock at a nearby Home Depot. It seems to run hot based on my waffles this morning but we'll adapt. The set up is just like the last one we had although the materials seem flimsier but that is pretty common in newer models of many things.


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