Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Covid-19 Shutdown Diary Day 16: Long distance photo scavenger hunt with granddaughter

The dog woke me up at 4 am but I found I was in my usual happier mood so all is good. I'm expecting this emotional roller coaster to continue but hope the upbeat times way out number the others.

One thing I've been thinking about is what I am going to do differently when this is over. So far the list is pretty short -

  • Connect via phone, Facetime or Zoom more often with loved ones rather than using emails and texts
  • Buy a laptop so I can do this without using Hubby's
  • Stock up further for at least 2 weeks survival at home with the emphasis on earthquakes with the accompanying utility outages, but also for long illness when utilities are available. Include things to do to keep occupied!
Have you thought of anything you want to do differently once this is over?

Connecting while Distancing - Last night I got an email from my Berkeley DIL that said:

"Nana - Ryan saw all the colors of the rainbow and MORE on her neighborhood walk today. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black, silver, and pink! We challenge you to find the rainbow on YOUR next walk!"

It was accompanied by photos of lots of flowers and foliage. I decided to take pictures of the colors in things that weren't flowers to send back to her. It was fun to do a long distance scavenger hunt for a 3 year old to enjoy.

Carrying On - With my mood and energy back I kept myself busy and had a much better day.

Thankful For - People here who are taking walks, running or biking taking social distancing seriously so it is safe for all of us to get some exercise outside. People are also trying hard to smile and say something friendly too as you pass them.

My County's Data - They have expanded the data shared so this morning it said the following plus a table by age and another by city or unincorporated area. Interestingly my small city has as many or more cases as the larger ones.

I like seeing the Recovered and Ever Hospitalized numbers as it provides a clearer picture of what is happening and puts it in better perspective. Hopefully it will help other people feel better about their chances too.

Summary Data#
New Cases17
Recovered Cases16
Ever Hospitalized28
Active Cases Under Quarantine106
People Tested2,213


  1. I think some of the changes I will keep are keeping in touch with family more, adding more things to keep Harvey occupied and just like you keeping my pantry well stocked.

    God bless.

    1. My husband is struggling to find things to occupy himself too. This is an interesting learning experience isn't it?

  2. I'm a natural born homebody, so things are pretty normal for me. I got in a habit years ago to keep stocked up on items since my husband was in the construction business. When he had work, I stocked up & saved money for those times that the didn't have work. I enjoy reading about your activities with your Grand & you have given me some ideas too. I think I'll do the picture rainbow scavenger hunt, Fun!

    1. Thank you. My DIL started the rainbow scavenger hunt by sending me an email. We are trying hard to stay present and known in a 3 year old's mind.

  3. That is absolutely adorable that you guys did that. ( told my daughter I should teach her to sew long distance. we have well over 200 cases in our county...never mind the greater area. trying to come up with ways son can help mel downsize and organize and go through memorabilia and such so he is not only on the xbox and kindle.

    1. Great idea to learn how to sew over Zoom or some other platform!

  4. I'm excited about the scavenger hunt! It's our oldest grandson's birthday tomorrow (8), and his day has already gone up in smoke. This will be something fun for us to do, even if we'll only sing through the window. Thank you for the idea!

    1. Glad the idea helped. Happy Birthday to him.

  5. Oh, dear, deaths. I am so sorry. We have yet to have a death.

    How I love this scavenger hunt idea. So clever. Had wanted to do my nature scavenger hunt with Lucia but guess that isn't to be for now. Maybe I will borrow your idea? And then I could give her a copy of my nature scavenger hunt sheet, and Cia could do it with her mommy and daddy, while PC and I do it here.
    I joined a group of bloggers from all around the world today for a workout. It was fun. And I felt uplifted for a short time afterward.
    Stay well.

    1. Of course you can borrow the idea - my DIL issued the challenge in the first place and we are all trying to find ways to keep children happy and occupied aren't we.
      Stay well too!


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