Friday, February 21, 2020

Winter Bucket List February Update

I started my Winter Bucket List in late December so now is time for a second update! I seem to lose steam as time goes on but still progress has been made.


      1. Follow a quarterly shopping list and 20 in 2020 limit on clothing purchases -  This month I bought 2 tops and a cardigan for a total of 4 clothing/accessory items so far this year.


·     2. Have a massage every month - This may be the best goal ever and I have had two so far.
      3. Exercise more and more regularly - Hmmm!
      4. Consultation & decision/action plan for gum issue - off the table for now.
·     5. Research best treatment for stiff thoracic spine, neck hump and prolapse; add to exercise routine - Not yet.


6. Set vacation plans & dates - San Antonio + day trip(s) - Not set yet as Spring has filled up with other plans.
7. Read with a learning plan - Complete ESO Torch level (relates to a program of my women's club) - I've read 4 books that apply and more that don't.
·     8. Take at least one class each quarter  - DONE
      9. Explore at least one new area/attraction in Ventura County each month (2 of 3) - We visited the Ventura County History Museum this month after having tacos at the pier. 
10. Become a local live theater, music and art opening patron - Not yet



11. See local son and DIL at least 2 times DONE
12. Facetime and/or send granddaughter mail every month 2 weeks – Turning into once a month!
13. Visit Berkeley family - DONE with our trip over Valentine's Day weekend
14. Have monthly phone conversations with brother - I had a nice long call with him in January.
·     15. Write cousins and connect with nieces/nephews quarterly - Hmmm! 
      16. Date night/activity every other week - We are doing well at this

17. Initiate one small group/one-on-one social activity monthly - I've been making this happen and enjoying it a lot
18. Host at least one social event in our home for friends and/or family - Gave a fun party for 16 of us!

19. Decide on gifting and donations for year & make them - DONE



20. Start minimum required withdrawals from 401K – The law changed so now will start in 2021

House Repairs/Maintenance

21. Guest bath grab bars Done
22. Carpet cleaned - Still need to schedule
23. Windows repaired – Called and scheduled appointment for an estimate
24. Shower drain fixed - Haven't found a simple solution yet

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  1. You are so organized, I'm jealous! Love that you follow through with updates in your blog.

    1. It helps that I get sent a reminder to join in this blog share post!

  2. I like a plan and by and large you have made a great start! At least this way you are aware if things are starting to slide. Friends and family are so important but you need to prioritise those health issues for the sake of your future well-being.

    1. You are definitely right about prioritizing health!

  3. Thank you for joining me. Hope some of the others link-up, too.
    You have done so well. I am so impressed with the social butterfly you are morphing into. We went to a party for Valentine's Day and I thought to myself - again - how I need to get over being so afraid of hosting. I can host family without issue but friends and 'friends' are another thing. So proud of your accomplishments in this area.

    Tacos at the pier and the museum date sound like fun. Interested in your book club and the ESO Torch level. Might be an good blog post. Can't remember if you have shared the books you've read so far. I have about a half-dozen in the works right now. Need to wind a few up. Hard to keep my characters straight.
    Have you had physical therapy for your back/spine/neck issues? I thought my PT was EXCELLENT. And they showed stretches I could do on my own. I haven't had issue since!

    Thank you for joining me friend. Hope you will continue with a spring bucket list on 03.21. XO

  4. Thanks for the ideas! I have found that people are just happy to be invited to a get together and don't mind bringing something to make it happen. Still it is a lot of work.

  5. You're making great progress on your list, Juhli. I agree that regular massages are wonderful--enjoyable and good for you! You can't beat that combination!


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