Friday, December 21, 2018

What went well in 2018?

Yes, I am aware 2018 isn't quite over but in the tradition of thinking about what will be my goals and dreams for the coming year I am first thinking about what went well in 2018! In random, brain dump order here are the first 10 to come to mind.

1. We had lots of lovely time with our family! Definitely something to repeat in the coming year.

2. I made friends and found groups to get involved with. I'm talking about you Somis Thursday Club and Leisure Village Pet Club. Both are letting me use my skills and strengths as well as being fun and welcoming.

3. We went for walks by the ocean regularly. Lovely to be able to drive there in about 20 minutes.

4. I now feel very comfortable driving around and know how to get places easily.

5. Our home functioned well and the neighbors are friendly but not intrusive.

6. Our retirement budget worked!

7. One car living is not only possible but will be continued.

8. We have found some restaurants and a live theater that we enjoy as well as a farmer's market.

9. We have both been healthy and found new exercise venues: Pickleball for Hubby and yoga for me.

10. I continue to enjoy learning about color, style and wardrobe design without spending a lot.

I'm sure there are many more but there are the ones popping out of my head at 6:30 in the morning!

What went well for you this year?

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