Friday, December 21, 2018

Update: 11 Goals for the (now) 8 months until I'm 70 and probably all of 2019

I definitely got derailed soon after posting  this update at the beginning of November! Death of my FIL, wildfire, family celebrations, holidays - lots of reasons.

Regardless of the reasons, our life commitments and options have changed since that update post. We no longer have the same reason to live where we are now that my FIL has passed away. That changes everything - perhaps!

So here is the modified version of my goals which are a mix of habit development and projects. They do need refinement and turned into actionable steps in some cases. Call it setting intentions and direction instead of goals.

But first I want to set one for my dog! Sleep past 4:30 am regularly in 2019 please LOL.

2019 Dreams, Aspirations and Hopes (No goals here)

1. Make exercise a do-able habit - ideas: walk/treadmill/swim daily; yoga/stretch 2x per week; weight/strengthen 2x per week; read the RBG workout book and see if it fits as a plan; try local Pilates studio

2. Lots of family time - this should be easy and a continuation of what we have been doing.

3. Be active socially - invite friends to do something or come over once a month, increase role in women's club

4. Dream and evaluate location and lifestyle options - includes evaluating the option of relocating to the Berkeley area and purchasing a small home there; take a longer trip to Berkeley including spending time with a realtor learning locations and market

5. Read with a purpose - first quarter is probably going to be reading memoirs and biographies of strong modern women; continue in book discussion group

6. Refresh my wardrobe in my style and colors  - keeping to a plan and budget with an eye to spending more time in the Berkeley area and climate; possibly hire my stylist friend to help me shop in an environmentally sound and stylish way (She wrote this great blog post for me! Style Recipe )

7. Healthier food all the time - read, plan, eat, enjoy

8. House ready to sell or enjoy even more - deep clean and declutter one room each month from rafters to floor, address any needs/fixes and refresh with secondhand/re-purposed/carefully chosen finds (Thanks for the idea Barbara )

9. Push my creativity - refashion, re-use, re-purpose, make myself; hold a cocktail party; etc.

10. Learn - Take three classes from OLLI or other source

11. Do more enjoyable things - perhaps a vacation trip, regular live theater (season subscription?), gallery show openings, musical performances at the library


  1. Big changes in store for you in 2019 it appears, Juhli, but all so positive. The Bay area is so dynamic, I can't imagine you not loving living there should you so decide. And the opportunities that being so close to Cal Berkeley would provide would be amazing as well. And you might want to consider Bay-adjacent Alameda as well, a wonderful community very close to Berkley that seems to be a bit of a hidden secret for some reason.

    Whichever way you elect to proceed, it will be interesting to follow along!

    1. Thanks Tamara. We are also curious how this is going to fall out! The stock market decline may be a problem re the amount of inheritance available to finance this move but we'll see how it all shakes out. We are fortunate no matter what.

  2. What a fabulous positive post. I’d love to have book title suggestions for reading with purpose. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year.

    1. Thank you. I've started with The Notorious RBG. Becoming by Michelle Obama and Educated by Tara Westover have been requested although there is a long waiting list.

  3. Your dreams sound positive! It seems to me that reading with a purpose is a method of building strength in older years. We can never have too many positive role models. I'm going to de-clutter each room as well. We have an intrusive exterior renovation coming and neither dog nor I will thrive with scaffolding and building cover. I'd like to try renting near our university where there are lots of extended learning courses, yoga and new walking trails. We could never afford to buy but if we were to sell our apartment, we could rent a new residence on the university endowment lands comfortably. This year I am able to earn extra money for upgrades on our apartment. We are never too old to make changes!

    1. Living near the university sounds like it would be fun and interesting! That is one of our challenges. We would like to be in the more urban part of Berkeley/Oakland but could afford to buy in the further out areas. We are talking about all different kinds of elements of whether or not to move.

  4. What a great list, I think I'll 'borrow' a few and in return maybe my dog and teach your dog to sleep in. I don't know how I lucked out by mine sleeps until 10:00 before he gets up.

    I can also highly recommend Michelle Obama's book.

    1. I look forward to seeing your list! The dog slept until 5 this morning - small steps.

  5. That sounds like a great list. My list is similar, but shorter, because ... I guess I need a little more ambition!


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