Saturday, October 6, 2018

$1 Fix vs $100

Oddly the top of my car key split (the plastic part) so I headed to Home Depot to get a new key made. Turned out they can't do it as it is a "smart" key and I would need to go to the dealer to do it.

Ok, call the dealer and they have that key in stock. Drive over there to find out that getting a new key would make the key on my Hubby's key ring not work. I would have to come back with both keys and by the way the whole thing is $100.

The service rep then said most people just super glue the key top back together. Brilliant.

I decided that taking the key on and off my current key ring had contributed to the problem and I needed the kind that opens up. Back to Home Depot to purchase a $0.97 key ring (package of 2).

Put my keys on the new key ring and there is no way the broken one will fall off even if I don't glue it. Decide to use it a while to make sure and then return the $4.97 glue if all is well.

Like the $99 savings!

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