Friday, February 9, 2018

Wow, that year went by quickly!

Guess what popped up on my Facebook feed this morning? It has in fact been a whole year since our Atlanta house went on the market. Oddly, I have been thinking of the actual date we moved into the new house in California as our anniversary date.

Still going to be absent for a bit longer while I think about what direction to take this blog and go visit my granddaughter and her parents too lol.

One idea: A series of posts on what we have learned and observed by making such a big change in living situations and both finally being retired.

What else would you like to hear about?


  1. I really enjoy your comments on retirement in the US. I love to see the similarities and differences from here in the UK for me. Also the posts on styling yourself for your lifestyle. I would love to hear about new hobbies, clubs or friends you form in your new home. I hope you start your blog soon after your blogging break and feeling rejuvenated.

    1. Thank you Catherine for the ideas and feedback.

  2. When we move, I have prolonged homesickness. I guess I just don't adjust to change well. I'd like to hear about east/west differences, things you miss about the community you left or enjoy about your new community, ways you adjust, etc. Shopping, restaurants, festivals must be very different.

    I was glad to see your blog pop up in my blog list today, so I will miss it if you are gone too long. :)


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