Wednesday, December 6, 2017

November in a sentence a day - 1st & 65th Birthdays, an Engagement, Thanksgiving ... What's not to love?

Once again joining in with a lovely group of bloggers to journal my days a month at a time. Check out their posts below. Are you ready for December?
One year old already!

1. With my commitment to trying to continue to live as a one car family and to trying new things, I took the free city bus to the library which was a bit time consuming but fine.

2. Another exploration of our new area that included going to the Channel Islands Maritime Museum by the Oxnard marina.

3. Clothes shopping is so time consuming what with all the driving or online searching followed by trying on and finding little to suit you as well as fill wardrobe holes.

4. Looks like I will get my wish of hosting a small family Thanksgiving for 7 or 8 people rather than the massive one for 25 - 30 that was initially envisioned by my Hubby.

5. We walked to the rec center to check out the holiday craft sale and bought nothing, I went to the library and as usual drank too much coffee and ate too many sweets.

6. Received all the documentation needed to act as Pet Club treasurer and will have to plow through it to bring records up to date.

7. Yoga class for 1 1/2 hours left me pretty tired but I did the laundry and read before falling asleep quite early.

8. I'm really liking how my Social Security payment shows up in my bank account each month without my having to go to work to earn it LOL.

9. The shutters we ordered back on Sept. 11th that were supposed to be here in 60 days or less are now scheduled to arrive on 11/30 but that is often the way of home repairs.

10. Checked out the TJMaxx in an adjacent town and will go back to shop there.

11. Beautiful day for a walk so took one to CVS to buy cards for birthdays and engagement celebrations.

12. An overcast day perfect for house cleaning which was rewarded by us picking up Chinese food to take to my FIL at his assisted living facility.

13. This month's muffin making session produced zucchini walnut muffins as part of my effort to use up the too many veggies in the frig before we go out of town.

14. I am finding clothes shopping difficult as I ordered ankle boots, 2 sweaters, 2 long sleeve tops (both in 2 sizes), and a cardigan but ended up only keeping one long sleeve top that aren't quite the right colors and returned the others today.

15. Laundry, car washed, suitcases packed and more so we are ready to head north early in the morning to see that granddaughter!

16. We had good weather most of the way on our drive to Berkeley from Camarillo and were welcomed with big smiles by our baby granddaughter and her parents too before settling in for dinner and overnight there.

17. We pitched in and did a lot of house and yard work to help prepare for the big first birthday party tomorrow, the baby's parents went to work at the symphony including the evening's concert, we went on baby duty including picking her up at day care and then our other son and his sweetie came over to fix us all dinner and help babysit until her other grandma showed up to take over.

18. After a night at an apartment in a Victorian house AirB&B we went back to help finish up setting up the birthday part which was lots of fun and followed by dinner out on us to celebrate the older son and his sweetie's engagement.
Nana loves her granddaughter
Happy Papa & granddaughter
19. This morning was a 65th birthday celebration brunch for Hubby complete with donuts instead of cake and then we all did some clean up and played with the baby before crashing again at her house.
65th birthday donut cake with all his favorites
20. After seeing our granddaughter on her actual first birthday we had another day of driving back to Camarillo so we can start preparing for a family Thanksgiving here.

21. Hubby's actual birthday!

22. Made the cranberry sauce and took the dog to the vet for routine care on a very hot day.

23. Spent the morning and part of the afternoon preparing for Thanksgiving dinner which was a lovely time with 8 of us seated at one table. 
Starting off Thanksgiving with snacks.
24. I crashed and took a 2 1/2 hour afternoon nap.

25. With Christmas wish lists on Amazon and free shipping so much that shopping for the Berkeley family presents was finished in less than an hour.

26. I did laundry, returned some online order items, bought a pretty top, as the new Treasurer I spent some time trying to figure out the balance sheet entries for Pet Club, and then we went out for Indian food as an antidote to too much turkey.

27. Spent the morning working a table to sell tickets to the Pet Club holiday dinner and then part of the afternoon trying to reconcile the books and get on the signature card at the bank.

28. Shopping for baby girl clothes is so much fun and they are sooooo cute!

29. We spent the afternoon helping Hubby's cousin and aunt pack up their kitchen in prep for a move and then took ourselves out for  pizza and beer at our local brewery.

30. Ending the month with a dose of self care by having a massage.


  1. I appreciate these month-in-a-sentence posts. When someone asks - what have you been doing, there's no reason to reply "nothing".
    My November Sentence in a Day:
    1. Household chores capped with an evening of card playing.
    2. A visit with relatives at mom’s.
    3. Finish shovelling snow; this is the beginning of winter.
    4. A day in the kitchen making soup and cookies.
    5. Brunch with a friend followed by a movie – Bad Mom’s Christmas.
    6. A 5-hr treatment with my touch for health practitioner.
    7. Errands – drive mom to town; doc appointment (it’s not a cancerous lesion); meal to an ailing relative, then cards at a friend's.
    8. Coffee at the neighbor’s turned into lunch then a mental health tune up at a grief and loss workshop.
    9. Down with vertigo and nausea
    10. Day 2 of vertigo and nausea
    11. This is a much better day but I feel that one wrong move would set me back to square one.
    12. Preparations for house guests.
    13. My cousin's one shift turned into 4 so she will be here until Thursday and more cousins after a morning of hunting.
    14. Another matinee – Daddy’s Home 2
    15. The fabulous four were one short for a game of 11 cent rummy.
    16. A visit to my nephew's to see their new baby girl.
    17. Day 1 with no BPPV
    18. Two events I didn’t go to – a folk concert an hour away and the local community association appreciation dinner.
    19. A 2-hr drive to the Indie Home Made craft show with a neighbor.
    20. Time for reflection at a funeral today.
    21. "Burn the brush piles" got crossed off the to-do list after 4 yrs.
    22. My young cousin had a shift today.
    23. Another cousin arrived bright and early then I went for a massage.
    24. #3 Home Routes concert with Kim Beggs from the Yukon, accompanied by Marcel Desilets.
    25. Clean up after house guests before going to the dinner theatre with a friend.
    26. Pyjama day.
    27. A walk in the wind before making antipasto.
    28. My young cousin was here in the night.
    29. Christmas shopping then a house concert.
    30. Time for a haircut.

    1. Thanks for sharing your November! Sounds like some fun events and good family visits.

  2. My November in a sentence a day:

  3. I'll bet I can guess the highlight of the month. She is a beautiful little princess! :)

    1. That she is and quite a joyous child. I think she is a girl with good)attitude. Can't wait to see more of who she it. However, the engagement after 20 years was rather a highlight too!

    2. After I hit send, I realized I neglected to mention the engagement as part of the weekend of celebration. I know that is a treasure as well. I think it is very affirming to have 20 years together and decide to take it a step further...obviously they share much love and committment.

    3. Thanks! They are a great couple and individuals.

  4. Such a lovely month you had, Juhli, with several special milestones in the family. Thanks for sharing this. Have a terrific December!

  5. Juhli, you seem so, so happy with each ensuing month. I think your relocation back to California is turning out to be wonderful for you and your husband.

    Hopefully the current fires in Ventura aren't drowning your skies with smoke? Those darn Santa Ana's are almost always the cause of our biggest wildfires, so take care if so.

    1. We are truly enjoying being near our family again (for the most part LOL). We are safe from the Ventura fire and just have had a bit of smoke - thanks for asking.

  6. What a very full month you enjoyed with lots of celebrations and festivities. Aren't baby girl clothes just adorable these days? I so enjoy buying for my grandbabes but have to keep reminding myself they don't stay one size for long. Your granddaughter is a little doll!!

    Sorry you had difficulty finding clothes. These days I am pretty much a Loft gal...I find their sizes to be fairly consistent, so a medium in one blouse usually fits like a medium in another. The Loft Outlet in El Paso has very nice pieces at very reasonably prices. Scored three blouses, a heavy cardigan and a velvet tee for $100. Thought that was pretty good!

    Yay for getting by with one vehicle and walking on beautiful autumn days.

    1. Thanks for your comment Leslie. I'll have to give Loft outlet several more tries. My problem right now is the colors that are prevalent don't flatter me but that will change soon I'm sure.