Friday, December 29, 2017

5 for Friday: Edition 6 and the end of 2017

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas weekend and are looking forward to the new year that is almost upon us!

1. We had the best time at our son and his sweetie's Christmas Eve dinner and then stayed over for Christmas Day. I haven't had a stocking to open for many years but this year I did! We all had a good time and on Christmas day the guys got their new BBQ put together while the girls and dogs sat and watched.

2.  We took In-N-Out Burgers to my FIL and hubby's great aunt for lunch on Wednesday. They love them and it does have a family history element as my FIL and Hubby have both enjoyed eating them for decades. We came home with some luscious leftovers a cousin had left for them that they weren't going to eat.

3. Exchanges, returns, different purchases - what would Christmas be without those tasks.

4. Facetimed with our 1 year old granddaughter: got some smiles, she tried to touch our dog via phone and generally was the center of our attention despite our charming and talking son LOL.

5. Getting ready for company!

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