Saturday, September 30, 2017

What happens when you are tired of pruning!

Hubby's retirement project #1:

Our little patio in our new house came with large old bougainvilleas that required pruning every week while stabbing us with large thorns. Pretty and a good wind break, but a pain in the tuchus. No room for the patio table.

So yesterday it went from this

to this.

And soon will be beautiful again with large potted plants, larger with added pavers, and more functional with room for the patio table. No weekly painful pruning required.


  1. Bougainvillea are beautiful but those thorns are wicked. My husband used a chain saw to cut down an old one with a thick trunk. It grew back and liked the pruning.

    1. Interesting! I had wondered if they would grow back but we are planning to hire help to dig them out as we would like the space although the wind will really whip through there now.

  2. The work just never ends does it? ☺

    That looks like a nice clean slate to work with, and being able to enjoy it once you are finished will likely more than make up for the loss in wind break.

    I grew up in Ventura County, and well remember that wind!

    1. Its an unplanned work in progress lol. We are trying to figure out how to provide some wind break so it won't be so bad.


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