Thursday, September 7, 2017

Checking out the local thrift and consignment stores

This afternoon I declared myself some time putter and made the rounds of the local thrift and consignment stores that I am aware of.

2 things in mind for shopping: 12 month short sleeve tops for the grand baby and ornate picture frames in various sizes for my DIL to use the the upcoming 1 year birthday party.

I was also open to finding anything on my own clothing needs and wants list.

Well that was a total fail! I did buy two glass serving bowls and two large coffee mugs as those are items I am seeing we will use when having company. $8.36 later I replaced some things I hadn't moved because I knew how many were at Goodwill LOL.

I did have fun toting around my birthday gift made by my other DIL - a shopping/beach bag that is so cute with pompoms and a cheery fabric. You can tell by the smile that I love it. Now to find something to put in it next time.

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