Friday, August 4, 2017

July in a Sentence a Day

Turning the page to the second half of the year! Time to focus on living the good life.

I'm again joining in with a lovely group of bloggers to track how we spend our month in one sentence a day. Scroll to the bottom to see who else is participating and go check out their blogs.

My July:

1. Tried a new to us restaurant, Snapper Jack's Taco Shack, which has good food, lots of surfboard decorations and 60's music.
2. It's a fact that I will never like cleaning the house and look forward to splitting the chore when Hubby retires.
3. Ordered the furniture for the den this morning and now have to wait 8 weeks for delivery.
4. Made a delicious dinner from my new Mexican recipe cookbook.
5. I took Hubby to the train station to start his 3rd of 5 week long trip back to Atlanta for work.
6. I emptied 2 of the few remaining moving boxes and all that remains is shown below plus went to the library, UPS store, CVS and walked and washed the dog.
7. Day 1 of my most recent attempt to make myself exercise as a habit included 30 minutes of stretching, walking the dog and then walking by myself wearing a hat before it got too hot for reasonable people to be outside.
8. I was already quite hot at 9:30am when I went to the Organic Farmer's Market here in Camarillo but I found what I wanted including tasting and picking a different variety of green grapes plus that sweet roll jumped into my bag (thank goodness).
9. Nothing of note today but the laundry is done and the house picked up.
10. The Pet Club program tonight was a talk and demo by the county search and rescue team which was extremely interesting including the lab who couldn't take his eyes off of the swimming pool until he started working.
11. Invited a neighbor to got to yoga class but she found it not acceptable as she really wants exactly what her former instructor did - oh well.
12. Sure wish I had bought pet insurance when we adopted this dog but at least her eye infection or allergic reaction has cleared up with medicine I can apply.
13. Finally got an electrician over and agreed on what repairs need to be made which is not everything the home inspector listed AND we drove to the beach and took a walk.
14. Laundry, errands including buying a new top & necklace followed by wearing same to dinner at a cousin's home and at a Beach Boys tribute band show.
15. Saw Wonder Woman and liked it, but I wonder if anyone else found it dark and way over the heads of the usual target audience of pre-teens due to the strong plot lines of Greek mythology and WW1?
16. We were glad we picked up my FIL and went to visit the family of his recently deceased close friend and took lunch for everyone.
17. Hubby finished leveling the pavers in our small patio so that now all of it is usable.
18. Pretty much a do nothing day otherwise known as relaxing or vegging.
19. Happy pooch with a summer haircut and doggie spa day today including a blueberry facial lol AND a very happy 71st birthday to my big brother.
20. Found a good handyman/minor remodeling firm very experienced with the homes in our development and are waiting for their bid.
21. Had very effective deep tissue massage that highlighted the fact that all of my problem areas are back but that they new masseuse is very good.
22. I hope that if I have trouble hearing the TV and people speaking when I am older that I remember that it is most likely my hearing that needs fixing not the TV or other people!
23. Who knew that having a clean car was such a happy making thing.
24. The dog was startled awake at about 2am, left out of bed in a flurry of panic and adrenaline, and then stood there quite confused and numb until I got up to pick her up and put her back in the bed where she proceeded to practically lay on top of me for comfort and protection.
25. Paperwork, follow ups, decisions - felt like a work day not retirement.
26. Had a lovely chat with a couple of women in a genealogy group that meets at the library and will try the group out next week.
27. Pruning, laundry, dog walking, library run, Starbucks run, reading and cooking made up my day.
28. Home Depot (again), unsuccessful shoe shopping and another day gone by.
29. My FIL seems to have come to the conclusion that he will be much happier if he moves to a different assisted living facility (although they are very similar and no one but him believes he will be any happier) so we took him on a visit to the other facility - sigh.
30. Had a fun time with son and DIL and both their and our dog while taking a long walk in Pasadena and eating brunch outdoors.
31. Braved the outlet mall which wasn't such a big deal on a Monday to pick up a lightweight top and scope out some future wardrobe upgrades.


  1. I love both of the outfits you showed in your post, very cute and flattering!

    The effort to make connections post-move is significant isn't it? The good news is that it seems to get easier very fast once you get beyond the first time of doing each new thing.

    And P.S. - I hope you'll post your thoughts here about your first trip to Sprouts. You are going to love the prices of their produce, and the quality of their meat, plus do keep in mind that on Wednesdays they overlap their sales for both prior and upcoming weeks. Love Sprouts as much as Trader Joes!)

    1. I guess that means I have to go to Sprouts tomorrow!

  2. Beach Boys- sounds of my teens. It's amazing how much we all do when we are retired. I maybe getting older but I will not admit it!

    1. The Beach Boys were part of my "surfer" husband's summer sounds as a teen and he was a happy man at the performance.

  3. RE: #22...when my children were teenagers I was halfway to a hearing aid, but mysteriously, as we all got older, my hearing improved. Now that the grands are teenagers, the ears are not so good again...only around them. I'll bet it gets better again in a few years. Those pesky mumbling teenagers! :)

    1. Pretty funny! My Dad suffered hearing loss in WWII and wore a hearing aid from as far back as I can remember so I struggle to understand refusing to wear one. He didn't want to miss out on any of life after surviving the war.

  4. Boy oh boy, you've been busy ... but you've got a lot done!

  5. Time to live a good life for sure, Juhli. I like the variety of your month of July. You take good selfies, too :) Your dog is lucky to get a spa day. I should book one for myself.

    1. Thanks Natalie. Since our dog is a poodle she has to be groomed but the facial and massage are bonuses!

  6. Love the hat for walking and exercising. I am wearing one these days when I am poolside.

    Glad your pup is responding to the meds. Makes it all worthwhile. My daughter's cat is diabetic and needs insulin twice a day but he is doing so well now.

    Yay for getting all of the boxes unpacked. Moving is no fun. Glad it is all but behind you and you've settled in nicely.

  7. Thanks Leslie. I can't imagine having to give a pet meds twice a day but they are family aren't they.


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