Friday, July 28, 2017

A good week all in all

My husband's employer finally found his FedEx'd retirement paperwork and says it is in order. They emailed 3 minor additional forms to complete so we mailed them back USPS rather than paying for FedEx since it made no difference in arrival time for the first batch.

I turned in my paper work for Medicare Part B given the pending end of employee health insurance and switch to retiree insurance. There is no penalty for delaying Part B past 65 as we completed the proof of other insurance form. I took it to the closest SS office to make sure all was in order and the HR person had made a mistake but the SS person was able to fix it. I'll have to start paying for it as of October 1st.

My Project 333 capsule wardrobe for summer is working out well with only the addition of one sleeveless top. I'm starting to consider what I need/want to add to have an equally well working fall capsule. Shoes and a semi-dressy outfit are on the list so far.

I stopped at the library and arrived a few minutes before it opened. Chatted with a woman also waiting and found out about a weekly genealogy group meeting. She took me up to meet other members and I'll give it a try next week.

I'll add in attending yoga class and a jewelry making group in my at my community rec center and see if I can't make some friends quickly.

I went to the golf course in my community and practiced driving as it had been maybe 8 years or so since I played. Hubby is a good coach.

The city inspector did the final sign off on the permit for our new HVAC installation. Finally.

We made plans to see our older son and DIL on Sunday!!!


  1. You are accomplishing a lot, I like to cross things off a list, it is a nice feeling.

    1. Yes it is especially when there is a deadline lol.

  2. It can be difficult making new friends after a move when kids and/or a job isn't involved, and you appear to be doing exactly what is necessary - getting out there and meeting people.

    You had mentioned previously having some interest in hiking, and I do know that the Ventura Sierra Club has a wonderful group of senior hikers that meet regularly.

    1. Oh thanks - that is another idea for connecting!

  3. Please point me in the direction for info on Project 333 (my fav #) capsule wardrobe. Just curious to see what is on the list.

    Bravo for final sign offs! Still working on tying up loose ends on home improvement projects over here. Failed inspections twice in the past month on two different projects. Disheartening and worrisome.

    Enjoy the fam tomorrow.

    1. You really make your own list for Project 333 and change the rules to fit your life. I don't count jewelry, coats, or my single purse in addition to her exclusions of lingerie, sleep wear and exercise gear. It is a project of life simplification and perhaps less shopping mostly.
      Here's hoping you pass the next home inspection! Or next project does not require a permit so no inspection.


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