Monday, July 3, 2017

We ordered the den furniture!

And discovered one more ceiling section that needs repainting lol.

We met with the Ethan Allen designer at our house this morning and finalized the fabrics, etc. Placed the order for a couch, chair, end table and 2 foot stools. Now to wait 8 weeks for delivery.

Both of us are truly happy with the choices so that is a win.


  1. Much more fun ordering furniture than painting ceilings I would imagine? Hope you'll post photos once the furniture arrives!

  2. Definitely more fun for my husband! I get to enjoy the result of the ceiling painting without the effort lol.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your den furniture once it arrives. My sister orders custom pieces from Ethan Allen and has some beautiful things.

  4. I really like your resolutions! your resolution number one is something that i have been working on as well! my relationships are in a bad place and they need work


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