Saturday, May 20, 2017

My good value shopping mojo is working

Just a note to say that we continue to be busy between furnishing the house, visiting family, getting out and about even if only for errands and general daily life.

I am thrilled that we have moved on to starting to fill in the furnishing gaps in our home. We even hung a picture to fill in a big gap over the kitchen sink. My Dad created this landscape drawing with pastels and it makes me happy to have it where I can enjoy it many times a day.

So that shopping mojo:

Today we went to an organic mattress store and found a very viable option and one I really love that is not viable unless you think about it being $1/day over 10 years LOL. Learned a lot about current mattress construction. Then we swung by Kohl's with a coupon and the Memorial Day sales in full swing and picked up much needed new bath towels and optimistically bought a mattress pad for the yet to be purchased king sized bed. We had been to lunch with my FIL and great aunt and didn't have the energy to decide on sheets, comforter, etc. Perhaps next week.

Yesterday I returned an online order that was too large and found at great sale prices 3 items on my clothing purchase list: lightweight pajamas, sunglasses and a purse.

Hope this streak continues!

Do you have any luck shopping sales? Do you work from a list and stick to it?

PS. Got my letter from Social Security saying what my monthly payments will be when I start collecting in September when I turn 68. Glad I am not having to live on that amount and realize it is higher than many people receive so I am very fortunate indeed.


  1. If you can afford the mattress you really appear to want, I say get it. I've resolved that when we land in our new home I will stop being so concerned about every dollar and begin purchasing items that I really want vs those that make the most economical sense. You and I have earned that right after decades of living sensibly, even modestly. ☺

    1. Oh, I would but Hubby is very against doing that and I plan to keep him.

    2. And after further comparison shopping we decided on the less expensive option.

  2. I have a painting created by one of my family members hung above my kitchen sink, too. It makes me happy when I look at it. If I was to rebuild my wardrobe, I'd definitely stick to a shopping list.


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