Friday, March 31, 2017

Too busy to shop for clothes

No new additions to my wardrobe this month as I have been so busy with babysitting/visiting family and selling/buying/moving house. I was going to run to the mall today but then a freeway overpass near it collapsed yesterday and the resulting gridlock is a good reason to stay home!

So as the first quarter of the year comes to an end and I am again downsizing my wardrobe while packing, I noticed that there are some clear all stars in terms of number of wears. I didn't look at items where there is only one option like my purse and I was living out of a carry on suitcase for 3 weeks.

I think these items say a lot about what my real life wardrobe needs to be and possible that I need more pairs of shoes LOL.

I found it interesting that no tops or toppers made the cut. That is where I add variety and color and I have more of those than the other categories yet often still feel like I don't have enough. Have to think about that.

Winners with 20 or more wears

- Grey zip hooded sweatshirt: this is quite old and I need to start looking for a replacement

- Navy knit gloves: bought this fall and I love them - In fact when I thought I had lost them at the dog park after a trip there with my son and granddaughter, I was ridiculously happy to find them in his car! They are long enough for my long fingers and just the right warmth for most days.

- Bronze ECCO flats: Great for warmer days & no socks

- Walking shoes: When I want my feet to be really happy more than I want to wear the my best colors these are the thing.

- 2 pairs of jeans: medium and dark wash

- Navy belt: of course; see jeans - leather from LLBean

In second place with 15 - 19 wears:

- Navy packable down jacket: It wasn't too cold this winter so this wasn't worn daily like last year. Still love it!

- Navy Clarks Nubuck loafers: Great with socks & jeans!

- Charcoal jeans: Just about ready to let these go but not quite yet.

And the runners up with 10 - 14 wears:

- More shoes: Clarks navy flats and Clarks grey flats

- More jeans: Army green this time.

- Green long sleeve top: Hey, it was in my suitcase!

- Black belt: See Charcoal jeans LOL

There you are - the hardest working clothing in my wardrobe so far this year with navy and clearly the leading color. I do need to lighten up.


  1. I heard about the bridge collapse on the car radio today...sounded like a nightmare.

    I read an article once about the most successful people wearing the same thing every day. Albert Einstein/gray suit, Steve Jobs/jeans and black turtleneck, Mark Zuckerburg/jeans, t-shirt, hoodie. The gist of the theory was that eliminating as many decisions from your day as possible frees your brain for the big decisions facing you. After I read that, I really downsized my closet.

    1. I've read that too. I think it really depends upon whether or not your like a uniform or options. I am finding that I like a uniform in terms of shapes/styles but want lots of options in terms of combinations. Living out of a small suitcase for 3 weeks worked but bored me!


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