Monday, March 27, 2017

It was a good & productive week

Last week rather zoomed by. In hindsight a lot happened.

Happy I accomplished these things this past week:

For the new house: Initiated wire transfer of remaining funds for home purchase. Bought supplemental homeowner's insurance for an HOA property plus earthquake insurance. Signed yet one more document for home purchase. Paid the termite inspector for the new house as the bill didn't make it into the escrow settlement.* Closed on the house in California!

For the move:  Hubby ordered more pads for protecting items in the truck and schedule workers to help load. Started a list of what to pack in the "open me immediately" boxes. Also collecting what has to travel in the car vs in the truck such as batteries. Decided on a route and nighttime stops. 

For packing & downsizing: Picked up more free moving boxes and packing paper. Bought some packing supplies. Gave away an easel, sofa, rug, end table, dresser, large plant and plant stand. Decided to get rid of 3 more pieces of furniture. Packed at least 15 boxes of mostly hard to pack art, antiques, tools, etc. Donated a carload of stuff & threw out a bit.

For the dog: Ordered a new dog ID tag with the new address. Made a grooming appointment for truck loading day so she will be out of the house.

For myself: Kept up with chores & yard work. Went out for coffee with a close friend and gave myself some down time to read and relax. Went to my book club meeting. Got a smile by buying Wonder Woman forever stamps instead of plain ones. I also started a nutrition counseling program.

What I am looking forward to this week:

- Dinner Saturday at a friend's.

- Starting first steps in nutrition changes.
- Finalizing my spring capsule wardrobe and perhaps shopping for an item or 2.
- Clearing all paperwork and details on selling house.
- Packing every thing that can be packed before last minute.


  1. Cheers to last week's productiveness and another great week as March rolls to an end.

  2. Thanks. So far so good this week.

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